Thursday, September 8, 2011

5 Products I regret buying *Summer edition*

Hey lovelies,

I have been lacking posts lately, I know I am a TERRIBLE blogger. Summer time is always family time for me, I spend most of my days playing with my daughter and my nights hanging out with grown ups.
I didn't buy much makeup this summer, this kinda contributes to my lack of blogging. :P
Today I thought I'd share with you 5 products I regret spending money on this summer. :( I love these kinds of posts, they always come in handy and save me money, so I thought I'd do the same and share my bad experiences.


#1. Hard candy Sheer envy face primer.
First product I regret spending money on is this face primer. I am a huge Hard candy fan, I love most of their products, especially the "glamoflauge", but this primer really disappoints me, it doesn't keep my makeup on any longer then usual nor does it make my skin smooth to the touch. All this primer does is create a layer of oil over my "dry" skin.
What do I recommend instead: 
For a budget friendly face primer, I suggest you try L'oreal's Studio Secrets magic perfecting base.

#2 Elf's studio stipple brush.
 Elf's brushes are very inexpensive and most of them are usually good quality for the price but this one didn't work for me. I regret buying this brush because of it's poor quality. The bristels are too filmsy to pick up any kind of powder and when used for liquid foundation it doesn't blend evenly. 
What do I recommend instead:
If you really want to try a brush from elf, I suggest getting your hands on the powder brush from the studio line.


#3 Stila's oil-free tinted moisturizer.
I regret buying this because it feels way too heavy for a moisturizer. Even if this product is "oil-free" it makes my dry skin oily and shinny. It does have a decent coverage from a tinted moisturizer, but I found a cheaper tinted moisturizers that works much better.
What I recommend instead:
I recommend efl's tinted moisturizer, it sells for less than haft the cost of Stila's and works so much better.


#4 Hard Candy blush in the color " Living doll "
The only reason I regret buying this baked blush is because of it's shade. The product itself works great but this color doesn't work well on my skin tone. On my cheeks this blush looks like a pink disco ball. I am attracted to shimmery blushes, they give my face such a beautiful glow but this one is just too much.
What I recommend instead:
If you want a shimmery blush from hard candy, I suggest you try the fox in a box (spicy & sweet).


#5 elf's all over cover stick.
I regret buying this cover stick because it covers nothing! It doesn't hide any acne scars, dark circles, NOTHING!!!  To make things worst, it has a very thick and greasy like texture.
What I recommend instead:
I suggest you get your hands on either "glamoflauge" from hard candy or "dream mousse concealer" from Maybelline. (I will do a review on both soon, they are both great concealers)

Well that's it for now,
These are my personal opinions, all of the products listed above didn't work for me but they might work wonders for you.
Kisses and fireworks,

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