Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recent Empties... Will I repurchase?

Hey lovelies,

I am here today with a few products that I finished off and decided it would be fun to share with you all my thoughts and whether or not I will be repurchasing them.


My recent empties are the following:
- Fit me powder by Maybelline,
- Colorstay foundation by Revlon,
- That gal face primer by Benefit,
- Topcoat from Nicole by OPI,
- Elf's waterproof lengthening & volumizing mascara.

Let's start with Maybelline FIT ME pressed powder:
I really loved this product and used it on a daily basis. It lasted all day and didn't look cakey at all.
I loved this product the most when combined with my Benefit THAT GAL face primer.
I receive a foundation chart when Maybelline first came out with the FIT ME line and finding my shade was extremely easy.
Will I repurchase?? Actually I already did!! This pressed powder works fine and priced right!


Colorstay  foundation by Revlon:
You probably heard about this foundation before right? It has been raved about so often by many beauty bloggers. I did review this foundation a while back, click HERE to read.
Bottom line, this is a great foundation.
Will I repurchase?? Most definitely yes!!


That Gal brightening face primer by Benefit:
The one thing I don't like about this product is the fact that you can't see how much product there is left to be used.
To be honest, I didn't think this was going to last me long but it lasted much longer that I had anticipated.
I did review this primer a while back, click here to check it out.
Will I repurchase?? Ohh yes! It's on my "to buy" list :)


TOPCOAT - nicole by OPI
Ok this one is a total fail.... I didn't like it, it chipped like crazy, wasn't fast drying and lost it's shine after a few hours... a total waste!!! I ended up using it for a franken... (you can see here
Will I repurchase?? NO! a waste of money.


Elf's waterproof lengthening & volumizing mascara
I remember buying this one when Elf was having a 50% off on the studio line. It did work just fine but dried up real fast, even faster than the one in the essential line. One thing I liked, it was easy to wash off for a waterproof mascara.
Will I repurchase?? doubt it.

Well that is all for my recent empties.
Remember that this is my personal opinion and what works for one may not work for another.

Kisses and fireworks,


  1. How did you get a foundation chart?

  2. @Michelle: I don't remember exactly. I think you had to request it on their fb page a while back.

    @Erica J: :) Thanks for stopping by <3