Tuesday, May 31, 2011

*Battle of the BLUSH* Hard candy vs Benefit

Hey lovelies,

How about a BATTLE OF THE BLUSH (in a box).



I will be rating these two blushes on the following factors:
and the brush\applicator.

Benefit, Coralista: Love the packaging of this blush, very cute, sturdy and well made.
the only downfall to me was the fact that the lid isn't secured in place when closed.
Packaging, I give CORALISTA 8\10

Hard Candy, Fox in a box (spicy & Sweet): Very cute packaging , lightweight and well made.
I like this packaging over the Benefit one because of it's magnet lid enclosure.
Packaging, I give FOX IN A BOX 9\10

Benefit, Coralista: Benefit's blushes sells for roughly $38 here in Canada. 
Not very budget friendly for a blush.
Price, I give CORALISTA 5\10

Hard Candy, Fox in a box (spicy & Sweet):  Fox in a box sells for roughly $6 here in Canada.
I find the price very reasonable and budget friendly.
Price, I give FOX IN A BOX 10\10


Benefit, Coralista: I love this blush so much and wear this 6 days out of 7. The quality of the product
is amazing!!! It goes on smooth, has a bit of a shimmer ( just the right amount ).
Smells AMAZING and long lasting. I have nothing but good things to say about this blush!
Quality, I give CORALISTA 10\10

Hard Candy, Fox in a box (spicy & Sweet):  This blush is alright. Goes on smooth.
Not as long lasting as the Benefit's blush and very messy to use.
Quality, I give FOX IN A BOX 6\10

(top-hard candy, bottom-Benefit)


Benefit, Coralista: I love the brush that comes with this blush. I don't usually use applicators 
that comes with my makeup but this brush works wonderfully in my opinion.
Extremely soft to the touch and gets the job done.
The only downfall to me is that it is shaped a little too boxy and makes the application
 a bit of a challenge at first. Ones you get use to the brush, works very well.
Brush, I give CORALISTA 9\10

Hard Candy, Fox in a box (spicy & Sweet): The brush\applicator that comes with this blush 
is useless. You can hardly get any product on the brush and is very hard to use.
I have tried many times to use the brush that comes with the blush but to me it's garbage.
( I gave it to my daughter as a play brush ) 
Brush\applicator, I give FOX IN A BOX 2\10
The only reason why I gave points to this brush is because it is ADORABLE. :)

Who's the winner??? DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....

Bottom line, both blushes are great and I will re-purchase both of them. 

Hope you enjoyed,
Kisses, hugs and Fireworks.


  1. great little comparison! I love Hard Candy's Fox in a Box in Truth or Dare and it is supposdly a dupe for a benefit blush but I dont see any dupe for it although it is beautiful. it has bronzer on one side and a bubblegum pink blush on the other sode

  2. Thanks,
    Truth or dare sounds pretty :)