Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine Swap mail!!

Hey lovelies,

How is everyone doing this glorious Saturday??  I am doing greeeeat!!!
Yesterday I received my very first swap package. =) My swap partner is a lovely lady from the states and this is what she got me:

This is my first swap ever so I was really excited and had no idea what to expect.
Everything was nicely wrapped in candy shade with the cutest paper. =)

Tina sent me a bunch of hello kitty stickers ( my daughter took possession of those ..hehehe ) and super ADORABLE handmade hello kitty stars!! ( yeppp the little one decided it belonged to her as well...)

In cute little Winnie the pooh envelopes there was a bunch of samples as well as a strawberry yogurt mask from My beauty diary.

Seriously, check out the cute wrapping paper, Isn't it the most adorable thing ever!!

 She sent me Zoya in the shade Phoebe ( My VERY first Zoya!!! I am in love ) and two NYC polish, a top coat and a super adorable glitter polish in the shade, starry silver glitter.

Last but not least she got me the entire HD collection from Sally Hansen.... She is AMAZING!!!
I am extremely lucky to have been assigned such an awesome swap partner, She's the best!!

My first swap was SO much fun.... hopefully, I will have the chance to do it again soon.
If any of my followers are interested in doing a swap, please email me at: ohhhcomme3pommes at gmail dot com.

Off to swatching polish I go,
Kisses and fireworks,


  1. oh snap great products! super love beauty swapping too!!! :D let me know if you'd like to swap too!

    1. Yesss, swapping is loads of fun. Email me sometimes, we'll arrange a Swapping date :)

  2. wow thats awesome! I didn't realize this was even an option, lol. where do I sign up for a swap?

    1. Ohh, I forgot to mention that "lipglossaffair" was hosting this "Valentine day swap" thing where bloggers could sign up and be a assigned a swap partner for Valentine's day =)

  3. Woh! That looks superb! And an awesome idea!
    Love those NYX nail colors!!! Gorgeous!

    visit: (share the love).