Monday, May 30, 2011

My first purchase from MARCELLE, not impress MATTE finish foundation *a review

 Hey lovelies,

I caved in... yeppp After hearing so many good feedback about the brand MARCELLE, I cave in and bought myself a Matte finish foundation.
I really wanted to try something from Marcelle and needed a foundation badly. ( bathroom spill, AWFUL experience.. foundation make up will stain your clothes.. ) Anyways, I decided to go for the foundation, plus it was on sale.
While browsing the Marcelle products, I couldn't really make up my mind between two foundation from Marcelle that were on sale. I went with the "MATTE finish" thinking it would save me the matte powder step when doing my make up in the am.

I was very disappointed to see that no testers were available, I couldn't find my shade just by looking at the bottle. Luckly the lady working at the counter opened a new bottle for me to try out.
After finding my PERFECT shade ( witch I did in an ease - Almond for reference ) I left the store a happy camper.

My first thought when I opened the product at home was the smells, it was a light "hand cream" kinda smell, not too overwhelming.
For a liquid foundation, Marcelle Matte finish has the perfect texture.

Before trying this product out, I liked everything about it.

NOW that I tried it out, my thoughts:
- It is a pain in the A$$ to apply, the formula is very sticky and extremely hard to blend,
-  My face looked blotchy after a couple of hours,
- Not long lasting, leaves marks on clothes and comes off onces you touch your face,
- Onces applied, looked like I went wild with a powder foundation and over did it,

I tried using this foundation over a primer see if it would last longer , NOPE.

Bottom line, I will not re-purchase this foundation and do not recommend it.
I am disappointed in my purchase and was really looking foward to trying out a product from MARCELLE. :(
Better luck next time I hope... :(

Have a great night,
Kisses and fireworks,


  1. Aw thats too bad! I haven't tried Marcelle yet.
    I have a ton of foundation mistakes - wrong colour or texture etc. But I cannot throw them out LOL I keep thinking I will mix them something else. Foundation ain't cheap! Right now I am using L'Oreal Advanced Lift and liking it. I thought I should probably start using anti-aging products now.

  2. I was so disappointed :( I had high hopes for that foundation..
    Is the L'oreal advanced lift expensive?? I should look into anti-aging products myself, often the price tags scares me away ..hehe