Friday, September 16, 2011

My VERY first Franken *Midnight Blues*

Hey Lovelies,

Tonight I created my very first franken and I called it "midnight blues".
I have been reading a whole lot of nail polish blogs lately and lots of girls are creating their own Franken creations. It really amaze me how They all look so pretty and so much fun to make so I decided to give it a try.

I did things a little differently.. I only use one clear polish and added cosmetics glitters. ( and LOTS of it ) hehe.
I LOVE how it turned out!!!!! :)
Here are some Swatches:

I decided to call my creation "Midnight blues".
( Stars in the bright blue sky)

I wasn't expecting the polish to turn blue but upon mixing the blue glitters it instantly changed color.
At first I was bummed because I wanted a clear polish with blue glitter but after trying it out I REALLY like how it turned out.

If you never created a "franken". I suggest you do so.
This was a very fun project!!!

Kisses and Fireworks,

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