Friday, January 27, 2012

Toddler Vs Blushers

Hey lovelies,

This is a totally random blog post.
Today while I was working out my daughter got a hold of two of my favorite blushers and gave them a hard time.
Luckily for me I noticed before the damage was too bad. :S

She got a hold of my beloved Too faced papa don't peach & Benefit Sugarbomb....
The damage isn't too bad, the blush didn't suffer much but she left a nice mark on the couch.

This one suffer from a small dent ... lol A little clean up and it will look "almost" like new. :P

This one took the beating... Lots of scratches and lost lots of "blood" in the battle.

Hahahahaha. Anyways Bottom line here Toddlers and blushers Don't mix!

Anyways... TGIF,
Have a great week-end everyone,
Kisses and fireworks,


  1. Lost lots of "blood" in the battle-hahaha
    Thats good you caught her the damage doesn't look so bad.

    btw- I awarded you on my blog This Brunette Speaks

    Hope your weekend is great:)

    1. I was VERY lucky.. the damage could have been much worst. :P

      Thank you so much for the award <3

  2. haha what a funny random post. you should post a pic of your daughter!

    1. hahaha I thought it was worth sharing :P

  3. AWWWW LOL I had my dog chew up my MakeUp Forever AuqaEyes eyeliner. Thank god it was a sample from Sephora. Black everywhere. I had to toss her little bed out.
    How is the couch now?

    1. Oh no!!! You mentioned that on you blog when it happen right?
      Looks like dogs and makeup don't mix either..LOLLL
      The couch is fine.. (thank god) A good scrub and it's like new the bf didn't even notice. ;)