Monday, September 26, 2011

Stila Sun SPF 15 Bronzing powder * a review*

Hey lovelies,

I wanted to review a product that I got for my birthday this past summer.
Now this was in a random package of makeup and nail polish goodies that my mom bought me. :)
This bronzer is called "sun spf 15 bronzing powder" from Stila cosmetics.
This bronzer that I am going to review is now discontinued from Stila's website but still accessible all over the internet.
I have no idea how much this product sells for now but back then it would retail for $28.

Stila came up with a new replacement called "Sun bronzer"
Now I have no clue what the difference between the two of them are other then the older version (the one I am reviewing) has SPF 15 where as the newer one doesn't.

 I did a bit of research to see if there was any big difference between the two of them and this is all I found:

"The original Stila is marked "shade 01" and the new formula is marked "shade 1". I prefer the old shade 01 as it is a softer shade and more natural for my skin tone, which is light to medium. The newer shade 1 seems quite a bit darker and has more of a rose/bronze tint. The original shade 01 is a lighter apricot. They are both matte, which I think gives a much more natural blush on the face. Hope this helps. (and wish Stila would bring back the original shade 01 for people with my skin tone!)"
**(Taken from Sephora's website, Click HERE for the original link.)

This is what the product looks like:

I have this in the shade 01 and it works perfectly with my skin tone, not too dark but dark enough to show up on my skin.
I've read a few places that this bronzer is matte, but I find it has a tad bit of gold-ish shimmers to it, really gorgeous.
One thing I must point out is that... if overdone, this bronzer might look orange..
Here is a swatch for you:
( First swatch I did two layers and the second one I only did one.)

 This bronzer comes in a nice compact, made thin and has a large mirror inside for on the go touch ups. 
Great quality package, stylish and very sturdy.
Retails at $28 for 8 g , pretty expensive in my opinion..
It's a great product but I wouldn't pay that much for it. 
Luckily for us, since this product is discontinued it can be purchased for much cheaper.


The good:
- High quality packaging,
- Easy to blend,
- Long lasting,
- Looks natural.

- High retail price, (can be purchased much cheaper
- Can look orange if overdone.

There you have it, I don't have much "bad" things to say about this bronzer, it really is awesome.
Would I re-purchase?? Yes most likely, but NOT at retail price.
Would I recommend?? Of course.

Bottom line, I really enjoy this bronzer and wear it quite often... This currently is my go to bronzer, never thought my "Moi Minerals" would ever be replaced... (Not replaced completely) :P

Well that's all for tonight, 
Thanks for reading :)

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