Thursday, February 23, 2012

Annabelle Glitterama liquid eyeliner

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I feel like it's been forever since I did a blog post, it's been what, 3 days?? Feels like weeks.....
Anyways, I am here today with a liquid liner review from Annabelle cosmetics a wonderful Canadian brand that I adore.

 Product Description: (Annabelle's website)
It's long lasting formula is loaded with sparkling micro-glitter particles that catch and reflect the light. It's fine, tapered brush applicator picks up the maximum amount of sparkles and distributes the eyeliner smoothly and evenly.

Annabelle glitterama liquid eyeliner comes in 15 different shades and is available at most drugstores in Canada. US resident can order online at:

- Shade: Celestial Sky
- Size: 4g
- liquid eyeliner.

Annabelle glitterama liquid eyeliner retails for $7,95 (CAD). I purchased in a kit ( glitteramma liquid eyeliner & Metallic Kohl eyeliner pencil ) on sale for $4,99 ( reg $7,99 )

pigmentation / shade:
This glitter liquid liner is nicely pigmented and distributes loads of glitters in one sweep. " Celestial Sky " is a liquid eyeliner packed with tons of teal micro-glitters.

 ( Left to right - Annabelle metallic kohl eyeliner - Glitterama over metallic kohl - glitterama alone )

This liquid eyeliner applies nicely and is easy to use. Long lasting but takes forever to dry and tend to transfer to the crease when wearing on the upper lash line.

- budget friendly,
- Variety of shades to choose from,
- great applicator,

- transfers,
- takes a while to dry,

Overall review:
Overall this is a great liquid eyeliner. I don't like the effect when wore on it's own , I love it on top of any other eyeliner. I recommend to apply at least an hour ( even with a eyelid primer ) before leaving the house because it takes ages to dry and will transfer to the crease if worn on the upper lash line.
I usually combine this glitter liner over Annabelle's metallic Kohl eyeliner pencil in the shade 172 Curacao but it looks great on other eyeliners as well.
I give this liquid liner 3.5 out of 5.

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  1. omg so beautiful! i dont particular love glitter liners as i find them hard to work w but thats very pretty :D

  2. I feel the same way abour glitter liners but this one works wonders!! :)