Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Lush love... Snow fairy!!!! *Shower gel & lip tint*

Hey Lovelies,

I am here today with some Lush love =) For xmas, I received The Christmas candy box as a gift, included was both the snow fairy shower gel (100ml) and Snow fairy lip tint (10g).
It wasn't my first time trying the show fairy shower gel ( I purchased the big bottle. 500ml, a couple of months ago ) but the lip tint was totally new to me.

I don't have much to say about the shower gel other than it smells DELICIOUS!
There is nothing special to this shower gel except the smell.... it is truly divine...
The smaller bottle ( 100ml ) sells for roughly $10 and the biggest one ( 500ml ) retails for roughly $25, Expensive in my opinion but all lush's shower gels are pricey.
This shower gel can be used on both hair and body. I tried on my my hair but was very disappointed, I was hoping for some nice smelling hair but the smell disappeared once I dried my hair. =(
Snow fairy is only available during the holiday season... If you want it, you might have to wait til next year or Ebay maybe???

Now let's talk about Snow fairy lip tint shall we??
I have no idea how much Snow fairy lip tint retails for because it is no longer available on Lush's website but I imagine it sells for just under $10. (If anyone knows the real retail price, please comment below)
Snow fairy lip tint smells just like the shower gel, super yummy BUT not the kind of smell you want on your lips!!! At my local lush's store the lady informed me before that the lip tint could also be used as a blush, I haven't tried it out yet but the color is great and I could see it working just fine. (as long as it doesn't leave an oily-like texture to the skin)
I did not use this one as much because I just got it this Christmas but it looks promising.
The shade is beautiful BUT it kinda taste nasty... .. (I was hoping for a bubblegum lip scrub kinda taste). It keeps my lips moisturized and looking great = Happy me!!!

Here is a swatch for you.. Not the best one but my battery died and I forgot to charge it sooo it will do for now.. (s'rry)
I love the shade and the fact that they didn't add any kind of sparkles to it.

Well that is all for now, 
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Kisses and fireworks,


  1. I LOVE Snow Fairy! The lip tint was $8.95. I got food poisoning the day of their boxing day sale and missed the opportunity to get anymore for the year :( I will definitely be stocking up next year! Great review!

  2. I got both of these at the buy one, get one after Christmas sale in my lush! I never tried either until this year.

  3. Ah yeah?? Do you like them??
    I missed out on the After xmas sale =( I was out of town, you're lucky you got to go, did you get much??