Sunday, May 29, 2011

KLEANCOLOR Crack nail polish *A review*

 Hey Lovelies,

As you can see from my last blog post, I have purchased Kleancolor's crack nail polish. I gave it a try today ( in a rush ) and thought I'd share with you the results.

(Please do not mind my sloppy nail job, I was in a rush to try this out and didn't pay much attention to details...hehe)

I purchase this product at Lawtons drugs for about $4.
HERE is the link to their website.

This is my very first purchase from Kleancolor, they sell a variety of beauty products but I didn't spot any other then the CRACK nail polish at my local Lawtons drugs.

This is what the finished product looks like:
Here are the products I have used on my nails:

First off, I added a first coat of ELF's nail polish in the color (Mint Cream).
Cost of this polish: only 1$ on ELF's website: HERE

Then I added one coat of Kleancolor Crack nail polish in the color (Black Crackle).

Last but not least, I used Nicole by OPI top coat in (top coat plus).
If I remember correctly I paid $10, bought at Shoppers drug mart.
Visit Nicole by OPI's website HERE
Now for the product (KLEANCOLOR CRACK NAIL POLISH) I cannot tell you if the product is well worth the tiny $4 just yet. So far it still sits beautifully on my nails and the I LOVE the designs.

Hope you like :) I cannot wait to try out my New nail art pens!!!! Ohh and yes I will keep you all updated.
Kisses and fireworks -xo

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