Monday, August 22, 2011

Benefit "that gal" Brightening face primer *a review*

Hey lovelies,

Today I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on this Product, "that gal" from Benefit.

From Benefit's website:
Our silky pink primer takes your complexion from dull to darling! Simply blend it on for the look of brighter, smoother skin. Contains light-reflecting pigments to help brighten all skin tones and raspberry & chamomile to soothe skin.

How to apply:
Twist the base until the primer is distributed on the top. Apply with fingertips onto the face. Blend this silky pink primer in an even, upward motion. Wear alone or under makeup for smoother makeup application. Gently pat on during the day to re-brighten your complexion.

Price:  $29.00 USD

My thoughts:
I have mixed feeling when it comes to this primer because it isn't like any other primer I used before.
I Was planning on making a post comparing both "that gal" from Benefit to "Photo finish" primer from Smashbox but decided not to because they are both completely different. 
I usually wear a primer to prep my skin for my foundation, to make my skin smooth and make my makeup stay on all day.
This primer will will not do any of that.
You are probably wondering why I use this primer then.
I use "that gal" from benefit for ONE reason only, It gives my face such a beautiful Glow.
I usually wear this primer when my face is clear from any imperfections. (on rare occasions)
On those rare days when my skin looks good enough to skip the foundation, "that gal" primer is my best friend.
This primer gives such a healthy look to my skin it really isn't like any other primers out there.

Is it worth the $29 USD?? 
Hmm, very hard to tell. I rarely wear this primer.  
I find that wearing foundation over this primer defeats the whole purpose. It doesn't help my foundation application, it doesn't help my foundation stay on any longer. 
I have no clue how long this 11 ml will last me, there is no way of seeing how much product there is left in the package. 

Do I regret buying this product??
Not a bit. I do wish is was a little more budget friendly but I don't regret buying this.
It really gives my skin a finish that no other primer can achieve on it's own.

Will you like this product??
Depends... Do you need heavy coverage? is your skin oily?  if the answer to these two question is yes, then it's a risky purchase. I suggest getting your hands on a sample first, you might be disappointed. 
I don't recommend this to someone who packs on foundation because the effect of "brightening" will disappear under your foundation.
I do recommend this to someone who doesn't wear much foundation, to someone who wants a healthy glow.

Will this primer break me out like most primer does??
I have issues with primers that breaks out my skin and I never had any issue with "that gal". It really feels light on my skin.

What about the packaging??
It's GREAT! If you are familiar with Benefit's products you'll know that a Cute packaging is a must!
It kind of reminds me of a glue stick witch is great, makes the application simple.
If I could change something about this packaging, I would make it see thru, I hate not seeing how much product I have left.

- Gives such a healthy glow to my skin,
- Gentle to my skin,
- Makes my skin smooth,
- Packaging is cute.

- Price tag,
- The smell,
- Staying power.

Bottom line, I like this primer. I don't wear it often because most of the time, I need a heavier coverage and rather use a primer that will help my foundation stay on all day. On my good days, I really LOVE this primer. 

Kisses and fireworks,

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