Wednesday, January 25, 2012

NOTD - Night moves & u-concrete-me \ Tape manicure

Hey lovelies,

How is everyone doing?? Great I hope. I had a wonderful day :)
I am here today with a simple tape manicure. I actually did this manicure yesterday but after my late night workout I didn't have time to post it, luckily for me my manicure was in great shape today for some photos.
Here it is:

With flash.

For this manicure I used ( night moves ) from Barielle & ( u-concrete-me ) from Barielle as well.

Pretty right?? Would you be interested in a step by step tutorial, if so comment below. :)

Thanks for stopping by,
Kisses and fireworks,


  1. Yes please! I love step by step tutorials and was actually sitting here trying to work out how you positioned the tape :)

  2. Yes this looks great! Like Passion said I was wondering how the heck did you draw that the silver on so straight??? LOL

  3. Great, I shall do a tutorial tonight or tomorrow night. :)
    Glad you guys like it!!