Friday, September 23, 2011

Glamoflauge From Hard Candy *a review*

Hey Lovelies,

I *MUST* share this concealer with you all... it's nothing new and came out on the market a while ago but I recently got my hands on it again (I lost the first one I bought when I moved).
I've been planning a review on this for some time now but without the actual product in my hands to take pictures and swatches I felt like it wasn't a good idea.
I refuse to steal photos on the internet for my post... ( all photos used on my blog are my own unless stated otherwise ).
Anyyyways, enough rambling... I probably am the only person who really cares whether or not the photos are actual photos I took myself and did not steal somewhere else.

So here is what the all so famous "Glamoflauge" looks like:
Pretty cute eh?? I like the packaging, I find it to be very teenagerish (I know that's not a word) :P
But seriously, the packaging really is great because it comes in a squeeze tube form.
Hard Candy calls this concealer a "Heavy duty concealer" and I think I know why, it really is Heavy duty.. I bet you could hide your face completely under this and disappear....forever...
I wouldn't want to try :P
This is by far the best concealer I have yet to try...
One thing I find strange about this concealer is that it comes in only 3 different shades, I am not complaining because the "light" shade fits my skin tone nicely but this might be an issue for some.
The texture of this concealer is quite liquid, it's more like a foundation kind of texture but after rubbing it on my skin it became more thick. Here's a couple swatches for you to see:
It applies on smoothly and is very easy to work with. This concealer sells for about 6$ if I remember correctly and can be purchased at your local Walmart. ( Product selection varies at all Walmarts, some of them carry the whole line, others only have a few items in stock ). Lucky for me, I was able to buy it at my local Walmart.
If your Walmart doesn't sell this concealer, you can always check on ebay but expect to pay more.. 
or you could always ask a friend/relative from another city to buy and ship it to you.

Here I have a before and after photo for you. I didn't have any scars or black eye circles to cover so this is the best way I could think of to show you how well this product works.
There's not much covering that needs to be done to my arm.. :P But you can still see a difference.

- A little goes a long way, not much product is needed to cover a problem area. (the product will go bad before I run out)
- Very budget friendly,
- Doesn't have a strong smell to it,
- Covers almost anything that needs to be covered,
- Comes in a squeeze tube form,
- Very easy to work with,

- Not as long lasting as I would hoped, (you may need to touch up ones or twice during the day)
- Not easily accessible, (not all Walmarts carry this concealer)

Overall, I recommend this product to everyone and would definitely re-purchase ones I run out.
I give it a 4 out of 5.
Happy Friday all,


  1. I have this and didn't like it. The three color range doesn't do me any good. I am glad that it worked for you :)

  2. Aww that is really unfortunate. It's strange how they only make it in 3 different shades... :(