Friday, September 30, 2011

Revlon Colorstay liquid eye pen ** A review **

Hey lovelies,

Today I am going to review a liquid eye pen from Revlon from the "colorstay collection".
I bought this eye pen about 4 months ago by mistake... I didn't pay much attention and thought I was buying the "regular" colorstay liner.

This liquid liner pen retails for roughly $10 (CAD)

I love the idea of a liquid liner pen (felt tip) and to be honest, I find it easier to work with than your regular liquid liner.
The stiff tip gives you complete control, which is great!
This is what the tip looks like:

I love how this liquid liner pen is really pigmented, it comes on extremely black.
The lasting power of this liquid is decent... It stays on all day but some of it often transfers to the crease.
I use it alone... If I use it with eyeshadow it tends to screw up my eyeshadow..
It transfers to my crease and wiping it off takes off my eye shadow.
Here are some swatches for you, first one on paper and the second on my actual skin:

One thing I really enjoy about this is that, whenever I screw up my line, I can always go back over it and the first line doesn't come off... 
The felt tip makes it soo much easier to create the perfect line, it's great!!
Here is a photo of the liner in Action:

The good and the bad:

The good:
- Easy to use,
- Great pigmentation,
- Decent price,
- long lasting.

The bad:
- Comes off if you touch it, (even with a primer)
- Some of it transfers to the crease.

I have mixed feelings about this one.. I do like it but I really hate the fact that I can't pair it up with my favorite eyeshadows,
Overall, this is a great liquid liner for beginners... If you have mad skills with the regular liquid liner, Stay away from this one, you probably won't like it all that much.
But if you're like me and find drawing a perfect line over your lids challenging... I suggest you give this one a try.. 

Will I re-purchase?!!? Probably not, unless I find it in a clearance bin for dirt cheap.
Do I recommend it?!!? Hmm, if you can find it on sale, give it a try... You may like it.  
Personally I wouldn't pay $9 for this again... 

Thanks for reading, I hope this helped,
Happy Friday,
Kisses and fireworks,

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  1. like it, simple dan very easy to wear! ^^
    and than.. must have :)