Thursday, August 11, 2011

Big bang for your Buck, Elf's nail polish *a review*

Hey lovelies,

Been a while since I posted anything new, I know I've been lacking motivation lately, please forgive me.
For this post, I really want to talk to you guys about these Nail polishes that I am starting to collect.. hehehe. Lately I've been all about nail polishes, trying new designs, new techniques, having fun.

Now let's talk about the product itself shall we...

PRICE: Elf's nail polish sells for 2$ each. you can get them on their website here  or any other store that carries the brand.

QUALITY: For the price of these polishes, you can't really complain. The polish itself is a decent quality, Ive seen better polishes, but I've also seen worst. Most of the colors require 3 coats.

How about a few swatches of my favorite colors....

Great color isn't it? This one is called Mint cream. It is my all time favorite from Elf's, it's such a beautiful color.

This one is called Metallic orange, I don't think you can purchase this one from their website. I found this gorgeous color in a 3 pieces set.
This one is called lilac, such a great color for spring and summer.

This one is called Mango madness, it always comes out darker in photos.

 and this one is metal madness, the picture doesn't do it justice...

Elf's also have a matte finisher nail polish, I can't compare this to any other matte finisher because it's the only one I have ever used but I can assure you that it does what it's supposed to do.

Here's a swatch if you wanna see, I added one coat on haft of my nail to show you the deference it makes.

Bottom line, I think Elf's polish are well worth the price. :) What do you think??

kisses and fireworks xx


  1. cool thanx for the review. I love elf but have never tried out the polishes but the matte finish seems really cool. i have actually never heard of that