Sunday, August 14, 2011

Revlon Beyond Natural concealer & Highlighter * a review*

Hey Lovelies,

How was your week-end?? Mine was just fine :) I had a blast with my little family of 3.. We went shopping ... ( HUGE nail polish haul), played outside and had some YUMMY pizza from the pizzaria near my house :).
Anyways... enough talking about me here, I want to share with you all this GREAT product I discovered from Revlon a few months back.

It's called Beyond Natural Concealer & Highlighter
I purchased this concealer/highlighter a few months ago, I spotted this bad boy in a clearance bin.
I think I payed about $3 for this, not sure what the retail price is.
I didn't think much of it when I first bought it because I was already in Love with a concealer/highlighter and didn't think this one would really be any better.

Let's talk about the product now shall we...


The Concealer.

This concealer works just fine. I usually use this under my eyes and it covers well. ( Mind you that I don't have much that needs covering under my eyes )
One thing I like about this concealer is that it blends in flawlessly, it really disappears into my skin.
One thing I dislike, it is not long lasting and tends to run a bit. On warm days, it doesn't really stay in place. :(
 Overall, for this concealer I give it a 6/10
I don't recommend if heavy coverage is needed.


The Highlighter.

The highlighter (unlike the concealer) I truly adore!!! I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but this Highlighter has goldish shimmers witch works perfectly with my skin tone. I wear this under my brow bone, top or my cheeks, well everywhere natural light reflects and it looks BRILLIANT!
To this day, this is my favorite highlighter because it truly looks natural.

Overall, for this highlighter I give 9/10
I would recommend to anyone!!!


Overall this is a great product. I love experimenting with the highlighter. :)

Ever tried this product from Revlon? If so what are your thoughts.

Kisses and fireworks,

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