Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sula Paint & Peel * a review + swatches * Kelly & Azure

Hey Lovelies,

Have you ever heard of a paint and peel polish??

"Paint & Peel nail polish is the perfect manicure-to-go. This water-based formula allows the richly pigmented color to be peeled off in one clean sweep - no harsh nail polish remover required! Created with Sula's "Big 3-Free" formulation - free of Formaldehyde, Toluene and Phtalates - this trend-setting collection is odorless, safe for your nails and the environment." -Sula's website

Last week-end I stopped by Lawton's to pick up a few things and finally caved in and bought two Sula's paint & peel polishes.
I wasn't sure about the whole "paint & peel" thing but the nice shades won me over.
I fell in love with "Kelly" & "Azure".
These polishes usually retails for $9 USD, so when I spotted them in a clearance bin for $2.50 I couldn't resist.

Before I share my "experience" with these polishes, I will show you a few swatches.

** AZURE **
( With Flash )

** KELLY **
( with Flash )

Pretty shades eh?? I really love them both.

SMELL: Sula's polish kinda smells like glue.. it's a strange smell but it doesn't smell anything like your regular nail polish. I won't say it smells better but the smell is less strong.

APPLICATION: When it comes to application, these are awful!!!
It is extremely hard to apply without leaving any kind of streak.
BUT, on the other hand, they dry insanely fast.

HOW TO USE: apply 2-3 coats to clean, naked nails. Avoid contact with hot water for 4 hours for long-lasting color.


THE good:
-  no need for nail polish remover,
-  dries quickly,
-  Non-toxic formula,
-  will not stain your nails.

The bad:
-  Pricey
-  not long lasting ( came off after two days )
-  extremely difficult to apply.

Overall I have mixed feelings about these.... It really is a love/hate relationship.
I find it extremely hard to apply without major streaking. :S
Will I re-purchase?? Nope, I bought the two shades I really love.
Do I recommend?? Hmmm, not really... Unless you can get your hands on them for dirt cheap.

Well that's all for now, thanks for stopping by,
Kisses and fireworks,

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