Thursday, November 3, 2011

BARGAIN ALERT!!! Spotted Stila kit for dirt cheap! :)

Hey lovelies,

Today I am going to share with you this Awesome bargain I stumbled across last week-end.
A lovely Stila kit!!! I got this kit for $9 at a local "discount store".

Included in this kit:
- Contouring trio,
- Lip glaze stick, " Apricot "
- Lip glaze, " Vanilla "
- Makeup brush.

These are all discontinued products but you can easily get them on websites such as Amazon and Ebay.
For the price, I couldn't leave the store without them.

Here is the Stila, Contouring trio kit:

This Contouring trio comes with 3 shades, (Light,flash and dark) as well as a little booklet that shows different ways to use the product.
Here is the inside of the booklet:

"For larger Eyes...

1. Tilt the head back, while looking down your nose into the mirror so the crease of the eye and brow bones are more clearly visible. Apply the DARK shade whit an eye shadow contouring brush beginning at the outer crease and sweeping inward towards the nose.  Continue to apply moving from one side to the other.  Apply until the desired intensity is achieved.
2. Highlight the brow bones and lids with shade FLASH using an eye shadow contouring brush. For a more subtle effect, apply shade LIGHT."   -Stila

 "For Sculpted Cheek bones...

1. Begin by location a point under the cheek bone between the outer eye and ear. Gently sweep the DARK shade, up over the cheek bone.  Continue the motion back towards the ear.  Contour should only fade past the outer eye guide line or the outside of the cheek.  Use the brush to blend off any harsh lines or patches and continue layering and blending until the desired shading is achieved.
2. Finish by applying FLASH, a neutral highlighter , high along the cheek bone and onto the temples for a soft shimmery highlight or use shade LIGHT for a more matte finish."   -stila

"For a slimmed down nose...

1. Swirl shade DARK onto the inner bridge of the nose then move along the edge of the bridge following the length of the nose.  Repeat on the other side of the nose. Gently blend the edge down each side of the nose. The pigment should fade naturally unto the skin.
2. Apply either shade LIGHT or FLASH down the center of the nose. Begin just under the forehead, between the eyebrows. Be careful no to disturb the contoured edges."   -Stila

 I decided the share what was in the booklet because I thought it was interesting and the techniques could be easily applied with makeup other than Stila's contouring trio.

  I love this trio, the shades work nicely with my skin tone and are very pigmented.
The press powder is velvety smooth and applies with an ease.
My only issue with this trio is the shade "FLASH".
I doubt I will use it as an highlighter (maybe just on my eyelids), It's a bit too "shimmery" to my liking.

In this kit I also received two Stila lip Glaze sticks in the following shades: Apricot & Vanilla.

I love the lip Glaze sticks!!! 
These are less pigmented that I had expected them to be but they are really nice.
They both smell great and keeps my lips hydrated.
Here are some swatches for you: 

Bottom line, I love all products included in this kit. 
Will I repurchase? Hmm, If I run out and stumble across any of these for cheap, yes.
Do I recommend? If you can get any of them for around/under 10$, YES!!!

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Kisses and fireworks,


  1. Great deal!!! The powders look very nice and I'm always looking for new contouring shades.