Monday, March 7, 2011

Benefit The foundation faker = SOFT skin *a Benefit some kind-a gorgeous review*

Let me introduce you to: Benefit's Some kind-a Gorgeous foundation faker.
Some kind-a gorgeous is a "one step" foundation, what I mean by "one step" is that it applies wet and dries to a powder finish.
It is TRULY one of kind!!! I have never seen any foundation like this one.
First off, I must point out that this foundation is perfect for the "good days", this foundation gives barely any coverage. I wear this foundation on my "good days" when my skin clear from acne or awful blemishes.
If you are looking for a HEAVY coverage, STAY AWAY!!!

This foundation is VERY lightweight, it's like wearing no foundation at all witch is Great, unless for some strange reason you like feeling your foundation?!?!?!
It comes in a adorable record container with a mirror and sponge applicator (that sucks to my opinion)

Some kind-a gorgeous comes in 3 different shades. Pink box for the original (medium), light pink/orange for lite and purple for deep.

I love this foundation because:

-it is lightweight,
-oil free,
-give me skin a "airbrush" look,
-makes my skin feel extremely smooth and soft,
-evens out of skin tone,
-I don't have to add powder to my foundation,
-wont break me out, very gentle to my sensitive skin.

Now what I don't like about this products:

-the price tag, pricey for a product that will not last me more then 3 weeks,
-the funky smell that lingers all day long,
-will not cover any active acne.

Will I re-purchase this product over and over again?!?!? Well most likely yes. to me, it's a must have... this product has the ability to make my skin look flawless whenever i don't have any major covering up to do.
you are probably wondering why i love this foundation so much when I only use it when my skin is clear, Whats the point right??  my skin tone is not even, i have red spots and benefit covers those up nicely. It makes my skin looks so flawless compare to other foundation, it truly does.

Some kind-a gorgeous will not cover any acne in my case and wearing concealer over/under doesn't do the same "perfect skin" effect.  ( maybe I haven't found the concealer that works well with this foundation ).

bottom line, benefit's some kind-a gorgeous foundation faker is a keeper in my book!!!

Want to buy this foundation???
you can purchase this foundation faker HERE
Shoppers drug mart do have this in stock (only in medium) + I got it on sale onces at shoppers for only $24.99 WHAT a BARGAIN!!!
 This product retails for $28 USD

*** be careful if you choose to purchase this product on sites such as Ebay. I have seen lots of counterfeit benefit for sale there at cheap price...


  1. The packaging is freakin' adorable on Benefit's products, I'd almost buy it just cause it's cute. o_o