Saturday, January 21, 2012

lengthening magic wand!!! Marcelle Volume precision mascara * a review *

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How is everyone doing this beautiful Saturday?? I am doing great! I spend a wonderful day at home with my lovely family, ordered some take out and relaxed pretty much all day. =)
I am here today with a mascara review, last week-end I went mascara hunting and stumbled across this awesome sale at Lawton that I couldn't pass up. I got two, oh yeah you heard right, two Marcelle Volume precision mascara for five dollars.
These babies usually retails for 11$ each so at 5$ for two I thought I should give them a try.

My last marcelle purchase was a total fail so I didn't have high hopes for this mascara but since Marcelle is a well known quality makeup and skincare Canadian brand I thought it deserved a second chance.

From Marcelle's website:

Volume Precision, the longwearing mascara by Marcelle, ensures buildable volume and definition like you’ve never experienced before.
Its ultra-flexible polymer brush with microchambers seizes lashes one by one, without clumps. The bristles come in variable lengths and are cleverly aligned to ensure clean, precise definition.
Enriched with olive oil and rice bran wax, the revitalizing lightweight gel formula provides maximal volume without any heavy feeling.
Hypo-allergenic and perfume free.

Above is a  photo of the wand, Marcelle Volume Precision comes with a flexible polymer wand.
At first I wasn't sure about the "flexible" wand but after using it multiple times I noticed that it makes reaching those hard to reach lashes easy.
I love how the bristles are very short, it helps with the application of mascara to the bottom lashes.

This mascara comes in two shades, black and dark brown.
My first thoughts when I applied this mascara was, man is it ever runny, but after the messy first application it dried up pretty quick. My first application was a little messy but I blame it on the The second application was squeaky-clean. :P

This mascara claims to gives volume, I didn't notice volume to be honest but the lengthening power was like magic!!! I have never seen my lashes this long before, I was in
The lasting power is great, nothing to falls head over heels for but it's ok.
Other than the lengthening power and precision wand, I LOVE how lightweight it feels, it seriously feel like I am wearing no makeup at all.

Here are a few snapshots of the mascara in action:
Before mascara.
One layer.
two layers

side view.

The photo above is just to show how flexible the wand is.
Like I said earlier in the post I noticed a great difference in the length of my lashes and not so much in the volume that might be because after the first application it starts to clump.

You are probably wondering if it's waterproof eh? Well it doesn't say anywhere on the tube if it's waterproof or not but I didn't noticed any kind of "smudging", my mascara stayed in place throughout the day and washing it off was a piece of cake.
I can't promise you that it will stay in place if you go swimming but if you rub your eyes off because of cat allergies it will not get messy and you will not look like a raccoon. :P

Overall I like this mascara. I have seen better ones out there but it should work magic for the ones with short lashes.
The only downfall is the "volume" effect is not really present with this mascara and that is what I usually look for in a mascara but I do enjoy batting my long "Marcelle Volume precision mascara" lashes.

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  1. WOW they do make your lashes LONG. I wish we had Lawton's out here :( but maybe I should go check Superstore?...

    1. Ohh I will miss my Lawton, I am moving out this summer and won't have access to Lawton anymore :(
      Superstore might have it, they do sell Marcelle so I imagine they have it in stock.
      If you can't find it let me know, we could work something out like a "swap" or something and I could send it your way. :)

  2. nice effect overall:)thanks for the review

    1. You are more than welcome, glad you like it. :)

  3. The mascara looks good. I have never seen this mascara. Thanks for the review:)

    1. Your welcome =)
      It was my first time seeing it too, at that price I couldn't leave the store without it. :P

  4. the best part is the stylish touch it really gives you that advantage we all look for:) keep posting great stuff..and oh i tried maybelline lip gloss pinkish red shade, loved it..but i never wrote a review, i think you should try that too:)