Thursday, March 3, 2011

Handmade VEGAN minerals * a Moi Minerals review *

Moi Minerals is a Handmade cosmetic brand with mostly Vegan friendly options made with natural ingredients.
This brand is made in Canada, safe for any age and any skin type.

I have been using Moi minerals for a while now and let me tell you that the quality is HARD TO BEAT for a handmade product. The bronzer is my FAVORITE of all time.

The eye shadows are very pigmented and will last you a very long time.
Moi minerals has a wonderful selection of colors as well as foundations, lig gloss and much much more...

Above you will see two of their eyeshadows, the first one (left) is called Raven and the second one Planet green.
Here you see my *FAVORITE OF ALL TIME* Bronzer, This one is called Beach Goddess in medium.  (I don't think they sell the beach goddess anymore). :(

 Here's a swatch photo to show you what the colors really look like when applied to the skin. Starting from the left you see, Darkness, Raven and Planet Green.
This is what the bronzer looks like. LOVE IT!!!!!


I love "Moi minerals" for lots of reasons, to name a few: The QUALITY is great, the customer service is wonderful, great prices and VEGAN friendly!!!
One thing I must point out is that the eye shadows are VERY messy, besides that PERFECT!!!!

If you are interested, here is the link to their website as well as their etsy shop:


  1. on il lon pue le super bronser mais trossss hot les couleur flach des ombre a paupiere hummmmm tu minsiste a commeder lolll ;)

  2. Je sais :( Demande lui, il porte p-t juste un autre nom :)
    OUI!!!! Super belle couleur!!!
    n'hesite pas a faire un commande, je suis satisfaite a 100%