Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Possibly the CUTEST lip product ever!! *LORAC lip polish, a review*

A lip product that looks just like a nail polish only smaller.
Lorac made this ADORABLE lip polish. It looks like a nail polish, the applicator is just like a nail polish.
Only difference, It's for your lips and it smells DELICIOUS!!!

Mine is in the color "beauty", a peachy color with goldish shimmers, BEAUTIFUL!!! To make this lip polish even more interesting, it smells like GINGERBREAD cookies. (too bad it doesn't taste like it)

Heres what it looks like:

The downfall with this "lip polish" is the applicator. The nail polish style applicator works great for nails, not so much on lips, I often find myself using my fingers.

Bottom line, this lip polish is great. It smells good, it's long lasting and ADORABLE!!!
Want to purchase your LIP POLISH??? They retail for 17,50$ USD, since they are discontinued (unfortunately) you can get your hands on them for MUCH CHEAPER, you can pay from 3 - 10 dollars , A STEAL!!!!!
L'orac web site: HERE

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