Monday, May 16, 2011

Ultimate Bargain Alert!!!! *Benefit cosmetics*

Hey lovelies,

I know it`s been a while since I posted anything new to my blog, please forgive me. I promise to keep posting on a regular basist onces I get my act together and move my little family to Halifax. :)
I don`t have much time but I MUST tell you all about this extremly awesome deal that is going on at Shopper`s drug mart!!!! Hopefully this sale is happening at all Shoppers not only the one in my town.

Almost everything from Benefit was on SALE!!! most of the stuff was even below haft price, WOW!
Here are 3 things I grabbed:

I got a Coralista Blush: retails for 38$ dollars in Canada, I paied 20$.

I grabbed a Some kind- a gorgeous, (even though I still have plenty left, couldn`t pass on such a great bargain) retails for 36$, bought for 15$.

And one last thing, Benefit That Gal brightening face primer. This primer retails for 34$ at shoppers and was purchased for 15$

I will post a review as soon as I get to really try the products. (besides some kind-a gorgeous, read full review here. ) I was in a hurry to Share with you this Awesome deal!!! :)

Kisses and fireworks,


  1. HI Comme3Pommes
    I was so excited to see your post! MY first comment LOL Thanks for the advice on the face primer. I have been eyeing that one up. I am now following your blog! I missed the Benefit sale :( I went on vacation for a week and see what I missed LOL!

  2. Awwww :( I was suprised to see Benefit cosmetics that cheap, especially at Shoppers drug mart. heheh :)
    Yayyyy Thanks for Following :)