Thursday, September 29, 2011

Step by Step Leopard Nail tutorial ** Warning Image Heavy **

Hey lovelies,

Tonight, I prepared a little tutorial post on a very popular nail design.
A tutorial for leopard nail manicure has probably been done before but since I haven't seen one yet, I decided to do it.
If something is not clear or you have any questions, Please ask below in the comment section.

Now lets start shall we...
For this manicure you will need at least 3 different color nail polish.
( I choose a neutral, a brown and a black ) but you chooses whatever color your heart desire.
Also you will need a Nail art pen OR a tooth pick.
(I usually use my nail art pen for this manicure but tonight I tried with a simple tooth pick and it works just as well.)

Step 1:
First thing you will want to do is paint all of your nails with your main color. ( Mine is the neutral )
 what I used: I opted for the shade "Tickle my France" from OPI.

Step 2:
Now that your main color is dry, Make dots with a second color.
It's fine if your dots aren't exactly the same size/shape, animals prints aren't perfect anyways.
what I used:  For my dots, I decided to go with a brown shade, I used "Bronzed to perfection" from OPI.

 Step 3:
With the help of a tooth pick (or your art pen) Draw short lines on both side of each dots.
It doesn't have to be perfect...
To save yourself the mess, I recommend you add a little polish onto a piece of paper. ( Dipping your tooth pick in your nail polish bottle might be a little messy ) :P
What I used: I used a black nail polish from Elf

 Step 4: (this is optional)
If you're like me and find the empty spots in between the dots annoying, Add tiny dots to fill them up to your preferences.

Voila!! Simple right?!!? Will be you be trying this manicure on yourself if you haven't already?!!?
If you do please share :)

Hope this helped,
Kisses and fireworks,


  1. This is cute! I am going to have to try it!

  2. You should post some photos on your blog if you do :)