Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wet N Wild Craze Nail polish + Labetedesign.etsy *WARNING IMAGE HEAVY*

Hey Lovelies,

I have been wanted to share with you all this Amazing giveaway that I have won back in August.
I am extremely happy to be "Thumbnails & Polish" giveaway winner and I want to thank her for hosting this giveaway!!!

This is what I have won:

I received one "Handmade" bracelet.. ( You all know how much I LOVE handmade goodies )
I LOVE this bracelet... I really do!!!! Angela makes the most beautiful Jewelries.
Here is her etsy link if you want to check it out: ( )

Here is a close up for you:

Another part of the prize was 8 nail polishes from the CRAZE collection by Wet n Wild.
This was my first time trying polish from Wet n Wild and I LOVE THEM!!!
I swatched them all for you to see. they are all so gorgeous..!!

230 - Inferno / Brasier (2x Coats)

231 - Shield / Bouclier (2x Coats)

232 - Goldmine / Mine d'or (4x Coats)

233 - Rustic / Rustique (2x Coats)

234 - Jade / Jade (2x Coats)

235 - Morbid / Morbide (2x Coats)

236 - Lust / Desire (2x Coats)

238 - Nocturnal / Nocturne (2x Coats)

Well that's all for now :) It was fun sharing my giveaway winning with you guys. :)
Thanks for reading and Thanks again to Angela for hosting this Giveaway.
Hopefully I will be hosting my own very soon. :)
Happy Wednesday,
Kisses and fireworks,

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  1. Wow I just saw this! Your swatches look amazing! I'm so glad you liked everything!