Saturday, October 1, 2011

NOTD Rainbow french manicure :)

Hey lovelies,

This will be a quick post to share with you all this ADORABLE rainbow manicure. :)
It's nothing fancy but I really love how it turned out.
Today I felt like going wild with colors, I thought a rainbow mani would satisfy my need for some colorful nails :)

While digging through my polish today, I realized that I don't own any red polish....
Weird eh?? Red is a gorgeous color and I own all other basic colors, Why don't I have a red polish?
It troubles me to think about it .. seriously! Why don't I have a red polish SOMEWHERE in my collection.... Is it hiding under the bed.... somewhere??!!??
Am I then only one who doesn't own a red?  .... Who am I kidding.. of course I am!
THIS IS INSANE!!!!! I will be hunting for a red polish next week, it's on my to do list!

This is what I used:


For the tips I used:
- Almost Famous,
- Chelsea Girl,
- Twiggie,
- Puci-Licious,
- Poptastic.
All from the " POPTASTIC " collection from ColorClub.

For the white dots, I used a two way pen (ebay) and topped it off with a coat of "Opal Glitter" from Sinful Colors.

Here are more photos for your viewing pleasure :)

I hope everyone is having a great week-end,
Kisses and fireworks,

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