Friday, March 25, 2011

Hope for Great Fashion * Label of hope *

I want to share with you my friends, my favorite designer... my inspiration.
I discovered *Label of hope* through Ebay years ago and I have been in LOVE ever since.

Her creations inspired me to keep on sewing and creating...
Every pieces are unique, made with such attention to details.
Label of hope is a wonderful line for the people who wants to stand out with quality pieces without breaking the bank.
To add value to this clothing line "Label of hope", Hope the designer, seamstress, model, WONDER WOMAN is a sweetheart and I want to thank her for the taking the time to answer few of my questions.

 ~ A thing or two about Hope ~

- Label of hope was launched in 2005, did you start sewing long before that?
Oh yeah, as a kid I'd either rip things apart and make something new or sew things I wasn't allowed to wear like mini skirts and bikinis.

-Is Label of hope your full time job?
Right now it is, but I take other jobs sometimes too if i need to.

-Other then designing and sewing, what are your hobbies?
Reading, eating, goofing around on the computer, and knitting.

-Have you always wanted to be a designer?
Haha, when I was little I'd either pretend I was a waitress or Annie Lennox. Haha, I'm not sure what that says but I'm happy now.

-Do you ever make clothing for yourself?
Of course!

-What is your main source of inspiration? 
So many things! Art, music, asymmetry, geometric shapes, textures... anything and everything!

 Want more???? 

** Not my photos, do not use without Hope's permission.

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  1. What a lovely interview! I'm also a lover of Hope's line and a huge fan of her sweet self!