Thursday, March 24, 2011

My TOP 5 lip colors for a "NATURAL LOOK"

Hi everyone, thought I'd share with you my TOP 5 Lip colors.
These are my TOP 5 for a natural look.
I am rating on the COLOR only not the product. 

Drum roll please...............

#1 Favorite lip color is: Glaringly hip from M.A.C (Lipstick)

#2 color: Cherub N from AVON (moisture lip color)

#3 color: Beauty from LORAC (lip polish)

#4 Color: Smile from M.A.C (Dazzleglass)

#5 color: Blossom from ELF (hypershine gloss)  "a new LOVE, discovered this gloss last week-end"
Psst. I'm glad I did =)

Do you have a or many favorite lip colors??? You are more then welcome to share =)

Peace, love and lip gloss.
- xo