Saturday, March 19, 2011

Maybelline, you never cease to amaze me!! *dream matte powder, a review*

I am a HUGE fan of Maybelline products!! I use their makeup on a regular basis.
Everyday, I use their mineral blush, the dream mouse concealer and their mascara!
I have been using this Dream matte powder for a while now and never realized how important it was to me until I ran out and went a WHOLE WEEK without it ...
I notice such a difference in the appearance of my skin, I was shocked!!!
This powder is the PERFECT finishing touch.

I notice that without my Dream matte powder, my face looked more "shiny". ( I don't have oily skin, but my foundation often makes me skin appear "shiny"). My skin didn't look flawless and I was missing my "healthy glow".

I love this powder because:
- Feels light on my face,
- Gives my skin a smooth texture,
- Looks like my natural skin,
- Give my face a "matte" finish,
- Doesn't clog my pores,
- Gentle to my sensitive skin.

Cost about $12 and last about 3 weeks if used everyday. (depending on how much of it you use).

Much love,

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