Sunday, March 20, 2011

My "HOT" date with E.L.F ( eyes, lips, face ) .... Warning, IMAGE HEAVY!!

E.L.F Cosmetics sells quality (so I heard) make up for DIRT cheap!!!
Today I had a "HOT" date with E.L.F...

Here is what I got:
- Eye lash curler,
- Fake lashes,
- Two brushes, (concealer and eyeshadow)
- Tone correcting concealer,
- 5 super glossy lip shine (New york city, houston, perfect pink, Los angeles and wild)
- Black lengthening & defining mascara,
- 2 Waterproof eyeliner pen (black and coffee),
- Zit zapper,
- 3 liquid eyeliner (coffee, silver, black),
- Shimmer eyeliner pencil,
- Brightening eyeliner in black,
- Eyeshadow trio (sultry & smoky),
- 3 Hypershine gloss  (blossom, Berry cherry and cherry tart),
- Beautybook (eye brights edition).

ELF is a "first" for me, I cannot wait to try out all the products I got!
I really hope I can add ELF's products into my makeup routines. They have all kinds of goodies and sells for SUPER cheap!!!

I got 5 Super glossy Lip shine. They have a fruity smell. :)

I got 3 Hypershine lipgloss, today I wore the "Blossom". The glosses are ADORABLE but the applicators kinda sucks. They all smells YUMMY!!

I got 3 Liquid eyeliners. ( Black, coffee and silver )
I did a swatch and I noticed that they are VERY wet and messy, but they seem to dry quickly.

I got the Lengthening & defining mascara in black.

I got 2 eye liners pencils. ( shimmer eyeliner pencil & brightening eyeliner black )

I got 1 Eyeshadow trio. They are very pigmented, Cannot wait to try them out. :)

I got 2 waterproof eyeliner pen. The black one is "VERY" light, I doubt I am going to use it much.
The brown one seems to work just fine.

I got the "Zit Zapper". I am kinda scared to try it out because it has a VERY strong smell... :S

I got the Tone correcting concealer. This concealer seems to be very runny, not sure how well it will cove any dark circles and blemishes, can't wait to try it out. :) ( I got it in "Light beige").

I got 2 brushes, one eyeshadow and the other concealer.

I got one eyelash curler.

 I got the Hollywood Eyelashes kit, includes: false eyelashes, applicator, lash stand and adhesive glue.

The last thing I got, ELF's beautybook, eye bright edition. (such BEAUTIFUL colors!!!)

Want more info about E.L.F ( eyes, lips, face ) visit their website: HERE

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