Thursday, March 24, 2011

Olay's Hit and miss * quench lotion & exfoliating scrub *

I love Olay products and I am pretty sure most of you do as well.
I decided to share with you my ALL TIME favorite Olay skin care product and my least favorite.

 *** MY HIT ***
My favorite skin care product from Olay is the " Quench body lotion, Ultra moisture with shea butter and vitamins E & B ".

I must point out that the packaging label changed and looks completely different now. I love Olay quench body lotion for many reasons. This body lotion smells so good, makes me skin feel very smooth and hydrated all day long. 
 The gold-ish shimmers gives your skin such a healthy appearance. Not to worry, there isn't enough shimmers in this lotion to make you look like a disco ball.... hehehe

*** MY MISS ***
My least favorite skin care product from Olay is the "Olay's smooth skin exfoliating scrub with gentle microbeads"
I have been using Olay's "smooth skin exfoliating scrub with gently microbeads" for a while now and I must said that I am VERY disappointed. I will admit that this scrub really do make my face feel smooth, but it will not "scrub" like it should.
This stuff barely "cleans" my face and after using it I find that my face kinda feels dirty. Doesn't give my face a healthier appearance and to be honest with you, I think it makes me skin dry.

** Please note that these are my personal opinions.

S m i l e  ^_^
- xo


  1. I agree with you Mindy 110% the cream is awsome, smells and feels amazing...and for the scrub I personally never used it but thanks for the output probably wont be trying it either :)

  2. I have tried many products from Olay and loved them all except for that scrub... :(
    YAYYYY glad you like the Quench cream too, it's such a great product, LOVE IT!!!!

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