Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"FREEBIE MAIL" Dove damage therapy

Good evening lovelies,

You may remember a while back I have posted a link on my blog about Dove giving away a "freebie" of their NEW intensive repair conditioner. IT CAME IN!!!!
Yeppp, I received my sample last Monday.

Dove Claims that this is their "MOST INTENSE condition". 
I only used it a few times so far and I most say,  I AM IMPRESS!!!!
I never usually see a difference when trying out a new condition, shampoo or hair treatment for that matter.
They always claim to do something AMAZING but to me my hair always looks the same.

This conditioner smells AMAZING, a smell that lingers in your hair ALL DAY long, seriously.
Now Dove claims that this conditioner helps leave hair intensely nourished and silky smooth.

 Maybe, I haven't used it long enough yet but I did see a difference after the FIRST use. 
I have extremely fine hair and this condition keeps my hair tangle free on extreme windy days.
Another thing I did noticed with this condition, I don't wake up to a CRAZY AFRO like I usually do.

Dove was sending out (maybe they still do) a very decent size sample, 59mL.
I used it a few times and I still have plenty left. ^_^
Bottom line, will I purchase this product??? so far YES!
Do I recommend DOVE damage therapy conditioner? YES give it a try, you might be surprised!!!

Did you receive your sample?!?!? Your thoughts??, please share ^_^

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