Thursday, April 7, 2011

"FREEBIE MAIL" Maybelline FIT ME foundation chart

Hey lovelies,

Today the mail man left me this AWESOME freebie from MAYBELLINE new york.
This is a sample pack with info and coupons. YAYYY
This brochure makes finding your perfect shade EASY!  I received a small sample of each shade Maybelline FIT ME has to offer.

There is also two saving coupons: $1 off a foundation and $6 off when you purchase a foundation, concealer and powder.
Maybelline claims that "FIT ME" is the first shade-aligned system of foundation, powder, concealer and blush..
Oil-free, wax-free, filler-free formula that is so weightless it feels like you're not wearing makeup at all !

As you can see here, there isn't enough product to give it a "full face" try but enough to find your PERFECT shade.

I will definitely try this out. Maybelline always comes up with quality products that are budget friendly. ^_^
Did you guys try this "NEW"  foundation??? blush??? concealer??? powder??? If so, I would LOVE some feedback :)

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