Monday, June 20, 2011

Salon La Coupe Hit & Miss * Thermal straightening spray & Finishing sray *

Hey lovely,

Recently I purchased two products from Salon La Coupe. One product I like and the other I absolutely hate....

* MY HIT *

Salon La coupe: Thermal straightening spray.

Now this spray is not The MOST amazing spray out there but it does the job right and smells really good. I really like the effect it gives my hair, leaves my hair silky smooth and shiny.
The only down fall is that it is very easy to use too much of it, and when it does happen, your hair looks greasy.... not fun.


Salon La coupe Flexible fix finishing spray.

I hate this spray, everything about it is awful.... I purchase this spray after using my Lacoup thermal spray.. I thought I would like the hair spray since I really liked the thermal spray... WRONG...
I sprays in Chunks, leaves a white film in your hair and ON YOUR FACE.
Yes, I got a tiny bit on my cheeks and after a few hours it looked like I had a very bad case of dry skin on my face....  :S This spray is pure evil.... heheheh

( here you can see the mess it left after only one use)

Hugs kisses and fireworks,

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