Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh my GOSH!!! A very first for me :)

Hey Lovelies,

Tonight I want to review two products from the brand "GOSH". I never tried anything from GOSH until this past summer. The brand never really intrigued me, the products all look super fun but I was scared of the price tag... I never really heard much about GOSH and feared that I would maybe waste some money on not so good quality makeup.
Anyways, I came across a clearance selection at my local Shoppers and cave in, I bought my very first GOSH.

The first product I purchased was the duo eyeshadow in the color (Apple/lime).
This eyeshadow retails for $12.50, I got it on sale for $3... Pretty sweet eh??
Now I wont say I believe this product should sell for $12,50 but is worth wayyy more than the 3 dollars I paid

 When I got home with this eyeshadow, I immediately check online if it was a discontinued product because it was so cheap, but to my surprise, it wasn't
. (not that it would have bothered me, but it was priced so low compared to the original price tag)
This is a decent eyeshadow but I wouldn't pay the full asking price for it.
Here is a swatch of both colors: (super pretty green hues with lots of shimmers)

I am glad I got this eyeshadow duo and use it quite often. :)
The colors are super fun and easy to blend.
The pigmentation is so-so, you may need a little more then usual to get it to show up this nicely (refer to photo above).
I haven't use it with a primer and it does last most of the day. (I will have to try it out with en eye primer, the color might pop a little more).

I tried taking a photo of me wearing this eyeshadow but the colors wouldn't really show up in pictures. :( I will give it another try sometimes in day light.

 Bottom line, I would repurchase this ON SALE!!
The eyeshadow is alright but I wouldn't pay the full price... plus the packaging is super cute but cheaply made.


Well now onto the next product... GOSH in stage cool lip jam.

The GOSH on stage Cool lip jam retails for $13 and that is what I paid for it.
I don't usually pay that much for a lip product... I often invest more money into, foundation, primers(....) anything that is related to the face and not the eyes or lips..
The shade of this Lip jam was calling out to me ... I thought it was the most gorgeous shade and needed to add this to my collection.

Now they call this a lip jam and I can't tell you why..
To me it feels the same as a regular (thick) lip gloss.
One thing I ADORE about this is the smell... this stuff smells super yummy!!
Here is a swatch for you:

Isn't it gorgeous???!!???
Such a beautiful shade but unfortunately it doesn't show on my red pigmented lips.. :(  Suchhh a shame..
I still wear this every other day because it gives a nice shine to my lips and smells super yummy.. (like a fruity lip balm)

Overall, This is a great lip jam and would re-purchase ... maybe in a darker shade this time. :)

Well that's it for this post,, onto the next one :)
Kisses and fireworks,

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