Saturday, November 12, 2011

My first time - Joe Fresh cosmetics, A Canadian Brand eh!

Hey lovelies,

Tonight I want to share my thoughts about a "new to me" Canadian brand, Joe Fresh.
I have heard about Joe fresh a while back and purchased some of their products but never anything cosmetics related.
When I think of Joe fresh, I think Cute clothing for my toddler....
A while back while reading "nail blogs" I found out that Joe fresh made awesome nail polishes.
Browsing the aisles I spotted some really cute cosmetics products and couldn't help myself but to buy a few products to test out.
Would you like to see what I got?!!?? Well here it is:
 1 blush (Retails for $8)
2 Cheek tints, (Retails for $4 each)
1 Sheer lip crayon. (Retails for $6)
You must admit that the packaging are really cute..... But is the products any good??


 First product I picked out was that insanely adorable Blush in the shade "bloom"
The packaging won me over. The plastic see through compact caught my eyes and I fell in love with it.
isn't it beautiful??? 
The second I got home, I literally sat down and admired the packaging for the longest time.
(While the bf was putting away the groceries.... ) :P
They have lots of shades to choose from and "bloom" isn't one I would have normally picked up but since I didn't have anything like it I thought I should give it a try.
At first I wasn't sure about the shade... I usually go for more "coral" shades when it comes to blushes but I am glad I picked this one instead.
I was scared that it might be a  little bit too "out there" of a color but it looks great on my light skin tone. YAYY!!
It's SOOO beautiful, here is another photo for your viewing pleasure. :P
hahaha, ok ENOUGH with this nonsense...
Not only is this blush beautiful (packaging wise), it's easy to apply and is long lasting.
Here is a swatch for you:


Now let's talk about the Cheek tints.
I got two of them because I couldn't make up my mind and choose one between two of the shades.
My bf got impatient and told me to get both... ( he knew this great debate going on in my head might last a while... )
Anyways.. I went with both and got "Peach" and "pink"
I have a love/hate.Hate.hate relationship with these cheek tints... 
I love the shades and they look great on my cheeks BUT they feel sooo greasy.
and they smell...
I have used them a couple of times but I always find myself whipping them off after a few minutes.
I can't stand the feeling of "greasy cheeks" it's nasty!!
it's a shame!!!
Left is "peach" and on the right "rose" 


The last thing I got was a Sheer lip crayon.
I got this in the shade "candy".
I was hoping for a "candy" smell but it's odorless. 
I usually shy away from bright lip colors but I was drawn to this for an unknown reason. ( Maybe I am coming out of my shell??! ) 
Anyways, this Sheer lip crayon is great!! It looks great, it applies on nicely, decent lasting power AND keeps my lips feeling hydrated.
Here is a swatch for you:
Isn't it pretty??

Overall I am pleased with "most" of my new Joe Fresh goodies.
I will definitely go back for some more products!!!
As long as I remember NOT to buy any cheek tints, No matter how pretty the shades are. :P

Well that's all for now, Thanks for stopping by,
Kisses and fireworks,


  1. Wow, all so pretty. I love the lip crayon. It looks like a fun color!

  2. Perhaps putting a powder blush over them would help with the greasy feeling ?
    Thanks for the review !