Saturday, January 28, 2012

Holly Molly Lush Haul !!

Hey lovelies,

I am here tonight with a Lush haul... YAYYY... I did a quick run at my local lush today to pick out some of the Valentine's day limited edition products and other goodies.  Believe it or not it's my first time trying out any of the Valentine's day products... I am very excited about this.
Anyways This is what I left the store with:


Magic Mushroom bubble bar : $5,95\100g 
I REALLy wanted to give this little shroom a try, I heard many great reviews about this one last year!!
It's smells amazing and it's super adorable.

Leap Frog: $5,95\80g
This one is totally new to me, never heard about it until now...
it smells yummy and it's super adorable with it's bight red lips.

Love potion massage bar: $7,95\50g
I always wanted a massage bar from lush. I did get a chance to try a few at lush but
never left the store with one. 

Fizzbanger bath bomb: $5,95\180g
The lovely lady at lush informed me that this bath bomb smelled like the love potion so I decided to grab this one as well. I don't find the smell very similar so we'll see...

MMM melting marshmallow moment bath melt: $7,95\100g
Mmmmm melting marshmallow.... This stuff smells amazing!!! I am extremely excited about this one!

Did you ever try any of these lush goodies?? I would love your feedback. ^_^

Well that is all for tonight, 
Kisses and fireworks,


  1. Wow, great haul! I wish I had Lush in my town.

    1. Thank you :) Yesss Having a lush near by is lots of fun!!

  2. lucky u, i don't have a lush in my town :(
    i receive the mmm melting marshmallow moment for x-mas but didn't try it yet

    1. :( Aww that's too bad. You can always order online, they often add on extra samples when you order online. ;)
      Oh did you?? It smells amazing eh??

  3. I haven't tried any of the v-day items. I visited my lush right after xmas for the buy one get one free deal and bought 2 gift sets to get 2 free, so I need to cut back from lush for right now, lol. But I really like the looks of that mushroom one...maybe just one won't hurt.