Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My very first time - Annabelle cosmetics -

Hey lovelies,

A little while back as I was browsing the cosmetics aisle at my local Zellers, I spotted some ANNABELLE cosmetics on sale. I never tried anything from Annabelle before but heard great feedback about them. The display was haft empty so I only got two things, a gloss and a face powder.


Annabelle "LE GLOSS" 
Retail: $8,25
I got the gloss in the shade " Missy Miss". I always find myself going for the "peachy light colors" when it comes to glosses. Like every other light color gloss, the color doesn't show up on my lips.
it's a shame because the color is beautiful!!! (here's a swatch)
It is a very sticky lip gloss but it actually feels good on my lips. It has the "gloss" smell which sucks in my opinion because I LOVE fruity smelling gloss.
I was expecting this to be a "squeeze type" of gloss because it comes in a tube form but it actually comes with a wand applicator, how awesome?
Overall this is a great gloss, I would recommend it in a heart beat.


Retail: $12,49
Now this "bubble" face powder I LOVE!!! I am a blush maniac and most of my makeup collection consists of blushes. The fun thing with this powder is that you can use it both as a face illuminator and a blush. It comes with a bunch of different shades so you can mix them up to your preference. 
For someone who doesn't own many blushes but would LOVE the options of different shades from time to time this is a great buy. 
Here are some swatches for you:
Overall, I love this Face powder and use it often. I would recommend it to everyone and hopefully this comes in other shades for me to buy. :P

Happy Wednesday,
Kisses and fireworks,

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